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Annica Damico

Artist Statement

The creative process of my work involves integrating my surroundings, past and present experiences, and common everyday objects, and then transforming them into psychological representations through the use of colors, shapes, and lines. 

When viewing an object I am most interested in the spaces of shape that are embedded within the object. I have experimented with these shapes as psychological spaces to convey analytical meanings and also incorporated pattern as an element of organizational methodology. Selection of harmonious colors and patterns is an essential process in my work in order to convey the mood of the object I am working with.

My newer body of work has been inspired by industrial urban landscapes, such as telephone poles, high-tension electric poles, bridges, factories, old water towers, and railroad tracks.  When looking at these objects I enjoy the many variations of geometric shapes and lines found in the internal structure and in some instances, exaggerate these shapes to create the composition of my piece.  My work is full of varied differences in shapes and colors, as well as the layers in between revealing an organized kind of chaos, displaying the movement I find intriguing in
city settings.


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