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Resting Hawk


Absent 1

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Free Bird


Chris James

Artist Statement

In my recent body of work, I have chosen to focus on the contrast of different formats and finishes on large canvases and small, box-shaped panels.  In many of my paintings Iíve used bird abstractions.  I create different levels of activity by manipulating the context of this image. There is a still or calm aspect to the majority of the birds that occur in a sitting position within the small boxes.   However, with 40 of the multi-colored boxes grouped together, the birds seem to activate. In contrast to the boxes, my larger pieces give the viewer an abstracted environment and allow the images to become free within the composition. The silhouette looks as if it could leave the surface or roam if it wanted to. One gets the feeling that the birds are just passing through the larger paintings rather than being trapped in an object, as they are on the box shaped panels.

     Overall, this whole body of work progressed through itself.  The inspiration, which was somewhat seasonal, really came from doing the artwork itself.  The more I created, the more I was motivated to create more, and experiment with the various forms, shapes, colors, finishes, and formats.  The artistic expression really paves its way through the execution of the whole project. 





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