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Joyful Gathering

They're Still Here

Waiting for Rain



Star Wagon


Mary Ann Crago

Artist Statement

My work is inspired by simple things found in nature; lanky stems, jewel-like pods and undulating tree lines. The most recent pieces showcase spindly organic forms juxtaposed against large expanses of  color.   Recognizable forms are often simplified to create abstract environments.  The pieces are explorations in color and texture.  Acrylic paste is used to create both irregular surface textures and to highlight specific forms within each composition. Composing the perfect gathering or arrangement is one cornerstone that lays the foundation for a strong piece. Acrylic paints and gloss mediums are mixed to create transparent color. The pieces evolve slowly as each veil of color is applied. The look of the final piece is not predetermined and often a mystery until it "happens".  For me, the pieces tend to be less  about the destination and more about the journey.







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