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Rocco Pisto

Artist Statement


Rocco Pisto is an abstract watercolorist who began honing his skills during a BFA degree program at Eastern Michigan University over 35 years ago. His work represents a love for nature and its organic materials. Working with watercolor’s unexpected and surprising results, Rocco’s work is unique, spontaneous and full of life. His brush dances over the paper and creates motion, tension, and depth - building the many color layers like veils.

 This passion for the painting process was influenced by such abstract expressionist icons as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. His greatest influence was his long time mentor and confidante Kingsley Calkins.  King was the head of the art department at Eastern Michigan University from 1960-1979, and his lyrical and whimsical work had a strong effect on Rocco.

 Rocco’s watercolor paintings are an escape from day to day reality.  Unique pieces with no two alike, they create an exciting viewing experience full of surprises and spontaneity.

 With the intellectual side of the brain making sure that the painting has a balance of color, tone, depth, and tension, the artistic side of the brain has the freedom to let the watercolor media work its magic.  The paintbrush becomes a musical instrument, dancing across the paper in Rocco’s hand.



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