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                                      Boats at Dock


                     Italian Street Scene






                                        Jazz Session



   Standing on the Corner-Dusseldorf


                        Une Autre Rue a Paris


                                       Devonshire Cottage

Charles Rowland

Artist Statement 



My objective as an artist is to capture and convey the essence of the subject to the viewer. If I have only recorded the subject as it exists, I have failed. If I am able to show the viewer what I feel about the subject I have come part way, but success comes only when the work is able to stir the thoughts and emotions of the viewer.

For this reason, I am completely hooked on watercolor. There is no greater satisfaction than the single stroke of the brush that says in an instant what a thousand words could not describe. The marvelous transparency of the medium can be used to render the most delicate of passages, or to create bold and forceful images of depth and dimension. These are the qualities that most attract me to watercolor as my chosen medium.

I enjoy exploring new approaches to the medium and combining techniques in new ways to hopefully produce something fresh and exciting that will speak to the viewers of my work.


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