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Eric Rausch

 Artist Statement

I remember a daydream I had when I was in third grade in which I imagined rising up out of my body and looking down on the world as I flew into space. First, I rose above the school; I could see all of the rooms from an aerial view. I continued upward until I could see the city, upwards until the buildings were out of sight, upwards until all I could see was earth, until I could not imagine anything, else. I often find myself overwhelmed as I think about how enormous life is. I create artwork to help me connect with and understand the world around me. I am intrigued with the intricacies that make it possible for living things to survive on this planet. I am in awe of the beauty that is created by nature, and I am amused by the way humans have manipulated it to further development.

There is something beautiful in the randomness and chaos that nature creates. Things like mud cracks, patches of flowers, rock formations, plant growth, beehives, mineral growth, these are the things that inspire my surface treatments. I create scenarios for the material to interact with itself and the process creating a sort of chaotic surface. I constantly test to see what happens when I let different frits and raw materials interact with each other as well as different glazes, clay bodies and firing techniques. I fire my pieces multiple times which creates depth; each time I fire, I add something to the surface which interacts with the layers before it.

I create simple forms by using handmade press molds made of either wood or plaster, depending on the shape I want to create. These shapes are inspired by artifacts of previous civilizations. They seem a bit mysterious, as if they were utilized in one way or another at some point in history. Using molds to create these simple geometric shapes gives the forms a sense of stability that contrasts with the surfaces I apply to these forms. There is perfect definition in the forms when they come out of the molds, while the process of pressing the clay into the molds creates an infinite amount of cracks and crevices. The created texture allows the viewer to infer how the clay was pressed into the molds, and I am able to stay silent and not show evidence of my touch. The texture, along with the thickness of the forms gives them a stone like feeling. They look like something that could have been dug up at an archeology site   a record of human interaction with nature.

The finished piece is a record of the process it went through: vibrant colors flare up alongside dark metallic surfaces, and smooth, shiny areas are surrounded by rough, cracked textures   all within the beautiful chaos I have created.



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