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Field of Flowers


The Party

                                 Floral Emotion


Field  of Flowers II

                                       Daisy Dance




George Jones

Artist Statement

George does commission work for individuals and commercial clients and can paint any subject matter.  No size is too large.  I actually prefer to work large because I am 6'5" and my style is more suited to bigger canvasses.  George applies a large amount of paint on most of his work and is a combination brush and palette knife painter.  His art takes on a 3-D look with the usage of large chunks of fresh paint which is another reason his work is so demanding.  If someone likes the softer brush only feel, he is very happy to accommodate.

His color pallet has consisted of bright, contrasting colors and his paintings are positive and are meant for people to view and feel good about the world around them. George wants to inspire people and give them a very optimistic and upbeat mood after viewing his work. "I want my work to reach out to people and just make them happy. There is way too much sadness in the world. I believe most people are looking for things that will bring them up to a better place or mood or perhaps help them escape from their daily lives."

George's work has been enjoyed and collected by many all over the country including vice president Dan Quail and 5 of his vice presidential advisors at that time. George's style has evolved over his 30 plus years of painting. He generally takes a simple subject and starts there. He likes to use contrasting colors which also add depth and make the pieces more interesting and appealing. The majority of his pieces are usually works on a large scale 30" X 40 "or larger.

When working with decorators, he often gets fabric samples, desired subject matter, and desired size or sizes and does a painting or multiple pieces. For large spaces, he sometimes utilizes diptychs and triptychs. Considering all, he has a fast turn a round time and his clients are happily surprised.



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