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Lauren Luna

Artist Statement

  Cities contain the beat and rhythm of life. Horns blaring, music blasting, people quickly passing by - these are all fundamental characteristics of a city. To me, these elements have their own music, and music is something that is essential to my art making process. The music I listen to while painting is appropriately named Trance.

When I paint, I drift to another world, which is almost a dream world to me. I see the music, and what I see transforms onto my canvas. All my senses come into play: my emotions, my eyes, my hands, my canvas and my ears. I'm in tune with myself, the rhythm and the pulse that surrounds me - that same pulse of city life, which lets these images flow through me.

My imagination travels to non-existing dimensions that I best describe through a process of layering. When I paint, I feel as if I am hypnotized by colors and textures, all of which will create soft, thin layers which hide or reveal a mark of an unspoken feeling, emotion, or thought - all of which the music evokes. My intention for each one of my paintings is to describe a specific mood, a subconscious message, or even my deepest secrets.

As each painting progresses to attain a significant meaning, it becomes me, a reflection of myself and my every day life experiences. Color and sound are my personal therapy. They assist me in consoling the duality inside of me. The intellectual side of my brain makes sure that each painting has a balance of color, tone, depth, and tension, while the artistic side of my brain has the freedom to fall into a trance and let the paint work its magic. The paint becomes one with the pulse of the music, one with my adored cities, dancing across the canvas from my hand.


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