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Tender Engagement


Untitled (Blue Net)

The Illicit Consummation of Love and Hate

Drawing Through Space and Time

Ethereal Construct (body)


Nicole Zmij

Artist Statement

Although my artwork in the past few years has definitely been driven by a sense of pure exploration, it does indeed embody several common themes. First of all, I am often very physically present in my works, using my hands not only to manipulate the materials but also to create layers and textures through which I fuel an exploration of space and seek an interconnectivity or balance that leads to resolution. There is something simply enchanting about spontaneously introducing elements to a surface, and in a way allowing it to lead me. I like to look at my creative process as an adventure, allowing myself to experience and utilize the sensuality of the materials themselves. I am also an admirer of what I like to call the “happy accident,” and I enjoy the mystery of leaving things to chance; therefore I often allow myself to see the canvas or other beginning surface simply as an arena for material experimentation that is subconscious and intuitive. Through consistently seeking a true awareness of physical, mental, and spiritual rhythms, my artwork allows me to fully engage in a search for the ethereal (God’s intended purity).


Nicole is a Drawing and Painting major within the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at The Ohio State University.





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