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Untitled (As You Like It)

Ruth B. Bercaw

Artist Statement

I am committed to art that, at its core, is infused with concept and idea, an art that is fresh in its form and exhibits a forward attitude.

Whether in my three-dimensional paintings or two-dimensional works-on-paper, I deal with endlessly evolving relationships, relationships that themselves are works in progress.    Institutions and things continually evolve around us, morphing from one form to another.   My ideas grab at an instant of time; I clip out a set of relationships from perceived impermanence of institutions, moments on a stage before the play begins, pagan gods wheeling and dealing, fleeting sounds of birdcalls, sylvan glades or urban affairs.  All such wonderful and interesting things may be abstracted, their elements distilled and reassembled in fantasized visual form, made manifest for further contemplation.

In my work I find that simple, clean shapes have great appeal to me, and those I clip and turn allowing their crisp edges to play against each other.   While maintaining my fantasy on life’s shifting patterns, I like to fling color into surprising, bold concoctions.  Thick paints are carved and marked; translucent patches seen as light and fleeting.  Old forms are made new.



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