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Sharon Gordon

Artist Statement

My current work is intended to capture and transport the viewer into a segment of a larger landscape that may be seemingly ambiguous, yet familiar. The paintings provide an opportunity to wander through passages exploring one’s whereabouts, recalling moments of time and space that may have been visited before.

I believe that the ability to look beyond the surface and examine components of a larger view is a key factor in my paintings as well as a vital part of understanding our place in a larger landscape. Experiencing a vista, particularly involving bodies of water, enhances the idea that an atmosphere can be an ever-changing, never-ending range of rhythm and volatility while remaining consistently whole. The view imposes a presence, a meter, balancing human scale and condition as a piece of a larger perspective.

The smaller scale of many of the works allows the viewer an intimate and introspective setting to experience each piece, encouraging one’s own relationship with the space and the work before them. I want each individual to become as captivated by the paint as I am with the painting process.


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